About Us


Digitec Partners supports remarkable entrepreneurs everywhere who set to alter the world. We accomplish our mission through our Global Network of Partner Funds with operations in Hong Kong, Singapore, and the U.K. In the last two years, Digitec Partners as well as its affiliates have backed numerous companies, and also have developed the means by emerging technology marketplaces such as healthcare, eCommerce and mobile communications. Digitec Partners will continue to be proud to back industry altering achievements including Ekstop Teslan and Genehealth.


Our partners have had combined experience as investors, entrepreneurs and executives. A number of us have founded and/or run companies that went on to initial public offerings or successful acquisitions. Others have served as senior executives in the high-growth phases of digital media corporations.


Our insight, experience and resources run deep. We help entrepreneurs build a powerful team by frequently working with them at the idea stage. We put a significant amount of effort into fostering our systems so that you can come up with probably the most effective team possible.We will help you refine your strategy. We love brainstorming with entrepreneurs and aiding all of them with refining their product, go-to-market and financial methods.

We will help you achieve an effective liquidity event. Much value could be acquired or lost during a public offering or acquisition, based on timing and just how the operation is handled. We frequently act as a core consultant to the companies in M&A discussions, and also have senior-level personnel at most important investment banking firms. Our knowledge about such transactions and our industry contacts will help you attain the most advantageous outcome.

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